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Part II

14. What Am I?

I am God’s Son, complete and healed and whole, shining in the reflection of His love.172In me is His creation sanctified and guaranteed eternal life. In me is love perfected, fear impossible, and joy established without opposite. I am the holy home of God Himself. I am the Heaven where His love abides I am His Holy sinlessness itself, for in my purity abides His Own.

2. Our use for words is almost over now. Yet in the final days of this one year we gave to God together, you and I, we found a single purpose that we shared. And thus you joined with me, so what I am are you as well. The truth of what we are is not for words to speak of nor describe. Yet we can realize our function here, and words can speak of this and teach it too, if we exemplify the words in us.174

3. We are the bringers of salvation. We accept our part as saviors of the world, which through our joint forgiveness is redeemed. And this, our gift, is therefore given us. We look on everyone as brother, and perceive all things as kindly and as good. We do not seek a function that is past the gate of Heaven. Knowledge will return when we have done our part. We are concerned only with giving welcome to the truth.

4. Ours are the eyes through which Christ’s vision sees a world redeemed from every thought of sin. Ours are the ears that hear the Voice of God proclaim the world as sinless. Ours the minds which join together as we bless the world. And from the oneness that we have attained, we call to all our brothers, asking them to share our peace and consummate our joy.

5. We are the holy messengers of God, who speak for Him, and carrying His Word to everyone whom He has sent to us, we learn that it is written on our hearts.175 And thus our minds are changed about the aim for which we came and which we seek to serve. We bring glad tidings to the Son of God, who thought he suffered.176 Now is he redeemed. And as he sees the gate of Heaven stand open before him, he will enter in and disappear into the heart of God.[1]

[1]. A Course In Miracles Complete & Annotated Edition.

Footnote 172. This means that His love shines on me and then reflects off me, so that I too shine.

Footnote 174. In other words, words can describe our function and even be vehicles through which we accomplish our function, but only if exemplify those words in our lives. From this point on, the section is about our function, not about “the truth of what we are,” as we have just been told that the former can be described with words while the latter cannot.

Footnote 175. Jeremiah 31:33 (RSV): “I will put my law within them, and I will write it upon their hearts; and I will be their God, and they will be my people.” See also Proverbs 3:3, 7:3, Romans 2:15, 2 Corinthians 3:2-3, and Hebrews 8:10. In the above passage, we learn that His Word is written on our hearts through carrying it “to everyone whom He has sent to us.”

Footnote 176. Romans 10:15 (KJV): “How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!”

Lesson 351

My Sinless Brother Is My Guide To Peace. My Sinful Brother Is My Guide To Pain. And Which I Choose To See I Will Behold.

Who is my brother but Your holy Son? And if I see him sinful, I proclaim myself a sinner, not a Son of God, alone and friendless in a fearful world. Yet this perception is a choice I make, and can relinquish. I can see my brother sinless, as Your holy Son. And with this choice I see my sinlessness, my everlasting Comforter and Friend beside me,177 and my way secure and clear. Choose, then, for me, my Father, through Your Voice, for He alone gives judgement in Your Name.[1]

Footnote 177. The “everlasting Comforter and Friend” is the Holy Spirit.

Personal Notes:

My sinless brother is my guide to peace. My sinful brother is my guide to pain. And which I choose to see I will behold. I meditate on above prayer today, and in quiet I wait to hear my Father’s Voice. I pray for all my brothers and myself for continued guidance, wisdom, discernment, protection, and illumination, of The Way, The Truth, The Life, in Christ Jesus, Amen. Thank you for sharing with me. Walk in Love my friend!

God is Love

Love is God

I choose Love

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