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Part II

6. What Is The Christ?

Lesson 275

God’s Healing Voice Protects All Things Today.

Let us today attend the Voice of God, Which speaks an ancient lesson no more true today than any other day. Yet has this day been chosen as the time when we will seek and hear and learn and understand. Join me in hearing. For the Voice of God tells us of things we cannot understand alone, nor learn apart. It is in this that all things are protected, and in this the healing of the Voice of God is found.82

2. Your healing Voice protects all things today, and so I leave all things to You. I need be anxious over nothing.83 For Your Voice will tell me what to do and where to go, to whom and what to say to him, what thoughts to think, what words to give the world. The safety that I bring is given me. Father, Your Voice protects all things through me.84, [1].

[1]. A Course in Miracles Complete & Annotated Edition.

Footnote 82. God’s Voice heals and protects, in other words, because His messages by their very nature affirm unity, in that they can only be understood by those who are joined together.

Footnote 83. Matthew 6:25 (RSV): “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you shall eat or what you shall drink, nor about your body, what you shall put on.” In the above passage, we “need be anxious over nothing” because Holy Spirit will direct all of our behavior, telling us who to bring His message to and how to bring it. Being “anxious over nothing” may well include not being anxious over our earthly needs, since other Course passages speak of our earthly needs being taken care of once we devote ourselves single-mindedly to our function as God’s messengers. See, for instance, T-20.IV.10:4, which alludes to the same speech in the Bible: “You need take thought for nothing, careless of everything except the only purpose that you would fulfill.”

Footnote 84. This means that I bring protection to others by letting the Voice of God tell me what to do for them and what to say to them. This brings safety to them, and the safety I give them is then given to me.

Personal Notes:

God’s healing Voice protects all things today. I meditate on above prayer today, and in quiet I wait to hear my Father’s Voice. I pray for all my brothers and myself for continued guidance, wisdom, discernment, protection, and illumination, of The Way, The Truth, The Life, in Christ Jesus, Amen. Thank you for sharing with me. Walk in Love my friend!

God is Love

Love is God

I choose Love

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