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Part 1

Undoing The Way We See Things Now

Review VI Lesson 207

I Am Not a Body. I Am Free. For I Am Still as God Created Me.

1. (187)  I bless the world because I bless myself.

God’s blessing shines upon me from within

my heart, where He abides. I need but turn

to Him, and every sorrow melts away

as I accept His boundless love for me.

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.[1].

[1]. A Course in Miracles Complete & Annotated Edition.

Personal Notes:

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me. I bless the world because I bless myself. No one can give unless he has. In fact, giving is proof of having. If you can accept that the world is one of ideas, the false association which the ego has made between giving and losing is gone.382. Thoughts increase by being given away. The more who believe in them, the stronger they become. Protect all things you value by the act of giving them away, and you are sure that you will never lose them. Never forget you give but to yourself. Never believe that you can sacrifice. There is no place for sacrifice in what has any value. If the thought occurs, its very presence proves that error has arisen and correction must be made. Give first to you, it now is yours to give as well. Here before the altar to one God, one Father, one Creator, and one Thought, we stand together as one Son of God. Not separate from Him Who is our Source, not distant from one brother who is part of our One Self Whose innocence has joined us all as one, we stand in blessedness and give as we received. The Names of God is on our lips, and as we look within, we see the purity of Heaven shine in our reflection of our Father’s love. Now are we blessed, and now we bless the world. I pray for all my brothers and myself for continued guidance, wisdom, discernment, protection, and illumination of The Way, The Truth, The Life, in Christ Jesus, Amen. Thank you for sharing with me. Walk in Love my friend!

God is Love

Love is God

I choose Love

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