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Part 1

Undoing The Way We See Things Now

Review VI Lesson 201

I Am Not a Body. I Am Free. For I Am Still As God Created Me.

1.  (181) I trust my brothers, who are one with me.

No one but is my brother. I am blessed

 with oneness with the universe and God,

my Father, one Creator of the whole

that is my Self, forever one with me.

I am not a body. I am free. For I

am still as God created me.[1].

[1]. A Course in Miracles Complete & Annotated Edition.

Personal Notes:

I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me. “I trust my brothers, who are one with me.” with this idea of the day I needed to reread the whole Lesson 181 and pray for help from Holy Spirit to give me understanding. For myself I need to look at this very carefully. In identifying with my Self in Spirit and oneness with God and the universe there is perfect trust. We seek for innocence and nothing else. We seek for it with no concern but now. For the past is gone, the future but imagined. We practice looking past all concerns and defenses that would block the vison of our sinlessness to correct our focus, looking neither ahead nor backwards. We look straight into the present. And give our trust to the experience we ask for now. Our sinlessness is but the will of God. This instant is our willing one with His. Footnote 351. Of Lesson 181 states: To trust someone is to have a firm conviction in that person’s goodness, to give “your trust to what is good in him” (T-31.VIII.3:3) , as the Text puts it. This does not mean however, that we must trust that a person’s behavior will always express his goodness. Trust here comes from looking past his behavioral errors to his innate goodness, which this lesson describes as sinlessness. It is the purity that lies “past his seeming sins” (1:4) that we are trusting. As we switch our focus from a brother’s (or self) seeming errors to the holiness of God in him we give life and power to that which is Love, depriving all life-giving power to that which is Not Love. I pray for all my brothers and myself for continued guidance, wisdom, discernment, protection, and illumination of The Way, The Truth, The Life, in Christ Jesus, Amen. Thank you for sharing with me. Walk in Love my friend!

God is Love

Love is God

I choose Love

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