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Part 1

Undoing The Way We See Things Now

Review V

Lesson 177

God is But Love, and Therefore So Am I.

1.  (163)  There is no death. The Son of God is free.

     God is but love, and therefore so am I.

2.  (164)  Now are we one with Him Who is our Source.

     God is but love, and therefore so am I.[1].

Daily Prayer for Review V:

Steady our feet, our Father. Let our doubts be quiet and our holy minds be still and speak to us. We have no words to give to You. We would but listen to Your Word and make it ours. Lead our practicing as does a father lead a child along a way he does not understand. Yet does he follow, sure that he is safe because his father leads the way for him. So do we bring our practicing to You. And if we stumble, you will raise us up. If we forget the way, we count upon Your sure remembering. We wander off, but You will not forget to call us back. Quicken our footsteps now, that we may walk more certainly and quickly unto You. And we accept the Word You offer us to unify our practicing, as we review the thoughts that You have given us. In Jesus Name. Amen.

[1]. A Course in Miracles Complete & Annotated Edition.

Personal Notes:

There is no death. The Son of God is free.312.  Death is a thought which takes on many forms, often unrecognized. It may appear as sadness, fear, anxiety, doubt, anger, faithlessness, or lack of trust, concern for bodies, envy, and all forms which the wish to be as you are not may come to tempt you. I find it very helpful to remind ourselves and others that these sneaky little things we may allow into our thoughts are a choice for death not life. God made not death, whatever form it takes must therefore be illusion, let us take a stand today to look past death and see life beyond. “Our Father, bless our eyes today. We are Your messengers, and we would look upon the glorious reflection of Your love, which shines in everything. We live and breathe in You alone.316 We are not separate from Your eternal life. There is no death, for death is not Your will. And we abide where You have placed us, in the life we share with You and with all living things, to be like You and part of You forever. We accept Your thoughts as ours, and our will is one with Yours eternally. Amen.” Now are we one with Him Who is our source. As we enter His presence the world fades easily away, its sounds grow dim. A melody from far beyond the world grows increasingly more distinct as our Father answers our call. In our holy practicing He gives us His sight and hears for us. In this quiet time we spend with Him beyond the world, all seeming sins forgot and all sorrows unremembered, grief is laid aside to accept the gifts our Father gives. We stand forgiven in the sight of Christ, with all the world forgiven in our own. We bless the world, as we behold it in the light in which our Savior looks on us and offer it the freedom given us through His forgiving vision not our own. Help us Father to not let today slip away without our consent and acceptance of the gifts you hold out to us to receive and give that we may help change the world in our acknowledgement of them. In Jesus name, Amen. Thank you for sharing with me. Walk in Love my friend!

God is Love

Love is God

I choose Love

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