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Part 1

Undoing the Way We See Things Now

Lesson 84

These are the ideas for today’s review:

1. (67) Love created me like Itself.

     I am in the likeness of my Creator.132 I cannot suffer, I cannot die, and I can experience no loss. I am not a body. I would recognize my reality today. I will worship no idles, nor raise my own self-concepts to replace my Self. I am in the likeness of my Creator. Love created me like Itself.

2. You might find these specific forms helpful in applying the idea:

Let me not see an illusion of myself in this.

As I look on this, let me remember my Creator.

My Creator did not create this as I see it.

3. (68) Love holds no grievances.

     Grievances are completely alien to love. Grievances attack love and keep its light obscure. If I hold grievances I am attacking love, and therefore attacking my Self. My Self thus becomes alien to me. I am determined not to attack my Self today, so that I can remember who I am.

4. These more specific forms for applying this idea would be helpful:

This is no justification for denying my Self.

I will not use this to attack love.

Let this not tempt me to attack myself.[1]

[1] A Course in Miracles Complete & Annotated Edition.

Footnote# 132. Genesis 1:26 (KJV) “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.”

Personal Notes:

“Love created me like Itself.” This is why we are the light of the world. Holiness created me holy. Kindness created me kind. Helpfulness created my helpful. Perfection created me perfect. Any of the attributes of God is also a definition of who we are, if Love created me like Itself, this Self must be in me too. As I see this body in time, let me remember my Creator and who I really am, to remember to be a communication device for Love and welcome Holy Spirits perception of Truth and being and work through my body. This is the Voice of truth replacing everything the ego would tell me about myself and others, with the simple truth about the Son of God. Love Created me like Itself. “Love holds no grievances.” Grievances have no place in love. Grievances attack love and obscure the light. If I hold a grievance against any person, place or thing I am attacking my true self and contributing to separation for all creation. I am determined to not attack my Self today, to remember who I am. I am Love, to be love, to extend love, to share only love. With Love all things are possible. There is no justification for denying love, in denying love to a brother I become an alien to myself. It is a decision to let the ego rule the mind and to condemn the body to death. I invite Holy Spirit to help me never to be tempted to hold on to any grievance but to continually release them immediately to let them All go! To be the Masterpiece God created me to be True Self. To remember always, Love Created me like Itself, I am Love. I am the light of the world. I pray for all my brothers, sisters, and myself for continued guidance, wisdom, discernment, protection and illumination of purpose in The Way, The Truth, The Life in Christ Jesus, Amen. Thank you for sharing with me. Walk in Love my friend!

God is Love

Love is God

I choose Love

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